Adolescent Girls Empowerment Project (AGE)

The organization is implementing "Adolescent Girls Empowerment Project" in the eight sub-counties of Busia District addressing; Teenage Pregnancies, Reducing unsafe abortion practices, Drug Abuse, Gender Inequalities and Gender Based Violence, Financial illiteracy, School Dropout, Prevention of HIV/ AIDS, STI infections, , Increase Access to and Utilization of Sexual and Reproductive Health information and services among others.

This project is designed to help mobilize, educate and support the young people in Busia Municipal council to seek HIV/AIDS information and health related services especially targeting the most at risk population in Busia District, where the key drivers of HIV incidence in Busia include: a) Personal understanding of and attitude towards HIV; b) Awareness about personal and/or partner HIV status; and c) high risk sexual behaviors including early sexual debut, multiple sexual relationships, limited and inconsistent condom use; and transactional, cross-generational and commercial sex. Continue reading...

Football for Community WASH challenge:(FIFA funded programe)

This project is designed to popularize effective strategy for water and sanitation service delivery, improved health and hand washing promotion with soap in Busia District. The aim of this project is to build the capacity of school institutions, the pupils, and local community in selected high-volume schools, with the objective to address the needs of underserved young people, their families living in informal settlements without access to improved sanitation services, and where hygiene and sanitation related services are virtually nonexistent.

The project will deliver improved sanitation practices by using the power of football to promote lifesaving water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) knowledge and behavior change among children and adolescents reaching approximately 27,103 young people in the Sub Counties of Masafu, Busime, Buyanga, Masaba, Buteba and Majanji.

The fund is financing sanitation and hygiene management, promote basic health education and awareness program, conduct sanitation and hygiene counseling to most at risk households, that combines improvement in the physical infrastructure, popularize hand washing with soap and clean running water and ensure sustainability of the practices. Continue reading...

Tap and Respond to Young Adolescents (TRY-Adolescent project)

This program is needed to help reduce suffering and improved mental health and psycho-social wellbeing of adolescents and families where family and community support and systems are mobilized, activated and strengthened to promote adolescents and family wellbeing by: Reducing and preventing harm, strengthening resilience to recover from adversity and improving the care conditions that enable children and families to survive and thrive. This provides a safe, nurturing environment at home, and in the community to ensure that children are protected from mental harm, abuse, neglect and violence and that they receive loving care for their recovery and in understanding and coping with events in their lives. Continue reading...

Interventions include: Setting up safe spaces, including child- and adolescent-friendly spaces, establishing programme for safe and supportive community environments and promoting family life free from violence and providing support to vulnerable families.

The program is needed to intensify awareness on preventing violence against children and young girls as well as promoting the right of children through promoting safeguards principles.

Interventions include: Peer-to-peer groups sessions for adolescents, youth clubs for sports, cultural and leisure activities, Group expressive activities that facilitate increased knowledge and understanding mental health conditions through sports.