Women & Youth Empowerment

Goal: Improved livelihood for women, adolescents and youths in Uganda.

Improving economic development opportunity for women and youths is equally important to the goals of sustainable and equitable development. Youth and women education and training when integrated with basic health services an, expanded economic opportunities, and enforced rights are crucial to the success of sustainable development. As the international community is taking active role reversing gender inequalities by empowering women to assert their cultural, political, and economic rights without fear of retaliation, violence, or abandonment which our country is a signatory. Improving women’s access to economic resources is imperative. We acknowledge the alarming proportion of trafficked women and girls from low income and disadvantaged communities working or serving in social entertainment establishments are not recognizing this express freedom and are relegated to subservient status.

Violence against them is wide spread and accepted, generally because they are not informed about and cannot fight their human rights violation and abuse including protecting themselves from HIV infection. At YES we recorgnise need for reliable and high quality services for reproductive health and family planning. When such services are accessible and affordable, women and youths can make informed reproductive choices, plan births, and improve the health and chances of survival for their families, whereas the greatest reduction in fertility rates results from the combination of women’s improved economic and social status, education and access to reproductive health services and investment credit to women bring in a high rate of returns, often close to 100% in urban and rural areas.